The Life of Apostle Paul

Apostle Paul was a remarkable character in the Bible. His life gave us lessons on how we should walk in our faith in Christ. The path he chose was not easy.

He Was Given A New Sight

You know how Jesus removed his sight for three days. We are often blinded to the realities of life because we are blinded by the flesh. The instance in the Bible where apostle Paul lost his sight demonstrates that in order for us to truly see the plans of God, we need to awaken our spiritual sight. We are often stunted by what we see, the material things, Amsterdam card, and other things we thought were important. As Christians, we are not exempted to the norm of spiritual blindness. We may face challenges in life that we thought are punishments from God, but the truth is, God is giving us a new sight, so we could truly see the truth.

Head Knowledge is Dung and Worthless Without the Wisdom Coming from God

Apostle Paul was everything a man could wish for. He had education, he was righteous, and he got everything that gives him the right to boast, yet when he met the Lord, those things he considered great became worthless. Apostle Paul thought that he got everything figured out like Madame Tussaud. But when the truth struck him in the heart, he repented. He realized that he was like everyone else, barely scratching the surface the wisdom of God. When he was stripped off of these things he thought were magnificent and important, he began to truly do the work of God.

Maturity is Being Simple

Unlike conventional beliefs about maturity, apostle Paul learned the hard way that maturity is being simple. It’s not about luxury, your education, or whether you can afford to visit Amsterdam city pass, it’s about being mature in Christ. It’s about embracing the simplicity of our lives as Christians. It’s about being quiet when you are doing really good and not boast about it. It’s about humility and your personal relationship with the lord.