Theology Matters

Theology is an old subject, as old as language. Theology is not just a mere subject you take as a degree. Along with the history of religions and beliefs surrounding it, we will also learn how humans think, how we behave, and how we respond towards our faith.


The ancient history will tell us the power of conviction and explain why the people at the time were willing to give their lives for their faith. They were called, Martyr. Religion is a sensitive topic, and following religion is far from having a dinner cruise amsterdam. It is full of sacrifice, compromise, and discomfort. Theology will make us understand how these convictions compelled humans to take action and stand firm on what they believe is true about God.

Heretics and Heresy

You’ll also learn from Theology about heretics and heresy. Heretics are martyrs ready to die for their faith. They have no fear of being persecuted nor face disputes that come along with their walk in faith. Heretics are still present today. They go in different parts of the world to share their faith and stay in unknown places such as cheap night amsterdam. Heresy, on the other hand, is opposing the custom beliefs. You’ll meet both heretics and heresy in theology. You’ll somehow understand how these people think and what drives them to act upon their beliefs. You’ll be amazed at how they are willing to sacrifice and stay in amsterdam hotels cheap, leaving the luxuries of life for their faith.

Diving Into Different Studies

Theology serves as an eye opener for people who seek wisdom. The best part of partaking in this kind of study is you’ll get to learn about psychology, anthropology, sociology, history, and philosophy. It’s like mixing different flavours to come up with a delicious and very interesting dish. People who love learning and challenging the conventional beliefs of our society will benefit from studying Theology.